“Q for a Cause”

Amateur / Backyard Style Cook-Off

  1. Categories:Chicken and Pork
    1. Pre-seasoned meat entries are allowed. All entries will and must be inspected by a member of the “Q for a Cause” prior to preparing.
    2. A Food Source Sheet listing the store where perishable foods were purchased is required by “Q for a Cause” for products cooked during the contest. These will be collected by committee members.
    3. Meat Vendors: TBD
  2. Deadline for Entry:   
    1. Entry forms are due no later than May 15, 2019.
    2. Payment of $50.00 in full must be received no later than May 15, 2019.  
  3. Site Setup Times:
    1. Early Set-up: Friday, June 14, 2019. Tents, Pits, and RVs may be brought in and set up during the early set-up, between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm.
    2. General Set-up: Saturday, June 15, 2019.  Cooking equipment and set-up will be allowed on the contest site after 8:00 am.  
    3. Vehicles outside of their associated area will be towed.
  4. Site Information:
  1. Sites will be approximately 10’ x 15’ or as otherwise marked. Team equipment and décor must fit within the assigned space. No parking outside of your designated area unless otherwise approved by “Q for a Cause.”  Any vehicle parked outside the boundaries assigned after designated setup times will be towed away at the owner’s expense. During listed set-up times, only cooking equipment will be allowed inside the gates.
  2. Tents and pits may be brought in and set-up during any of the above stated times.
  3. All tents must be secured via stake material or sand. Tents may not be taller than 15 feet tall.
  4. Open fires, fire holes, or dug pits will not be permitted. Fire barrels should have restrictive covers to arrest flames and are only acceptable if sufficient space is available away from other guests, tents, or other flammable objects. Fire barrels must not cause damage to asphalt or ground surfaces.
  5. No public or private golf carts, ATVs, UTVs or other motorized vehicles will be allowed inside the area.  Motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters are allowed.
  6. Teams will not be allowed to start dismantling before 9:00 pm Saturday and no vehicles will be allowed in or out of the cook-off area before this time.
  7. Team/Contestant Information:
    1. Team Meeting – 9:00 am in front of the bandstand for discussion of rules and regulations.
    2. A Cook-off team consists of a Chief Cook and at most three (3) assistants.  Chief Cooks are responsible for their team members and guests. 
    3. Each team member MUST sign a waiver of liability & indemnity agreement prior to setting up their equipment.  
    4. Teams may not charge door admission to their space before or during the contest.  
    5. “Q for a Cause” personnel (with committee-related business) are always permitted in all spaces with proper identification. Please advise your security personnel.
    6. Teams are NOT required to provide general access (non-business access) or food/other refreshments to committee members or staff.
    7. Animals are NOT permitted on the cook-off grounds except for certified service animals.
    8. At NO time may a person under the age of 21 be served or consume alcohol. “Q for a Cause” in connection with “The Lovejoy Wedding & Events” prohibits minors consuming alcohol, even in the presence of a legal guardian.
    9. Each team will be responsible for cleanup within their assigned space in a timely manner.
  8. Equipment: “Q for a Cause” will provide a space ONLY.
  9. Contestants must supply ALL necessary equipment and supplies (meat, containers, etc.)
  10. Props, trailers, motor homes, vehicles, tents, generators, coverings and/or any other part of a team’s equipment must not extend outside the boundaries of the assigned space unless approved by the “Q for a Cause”.
  11. Fire Extinguishers Minimum Requirements:  
    1. One (2A10BC) type extinguisher is required in each 20’ x 30’ space and at least one 40BC type extinguisher is required in each cooking area within each space. Where teams plan to use deep fat frying equipment using oil or fats, it is required that at least one 2.5-gallon (6L) type K portable fire extinguisher be present. All extinguishers must have a current date and tag. Committee personnel will randomly inspect for extinguishers. A team found without minimum extinguishers will be stopped from further cooking for their protection.
  12. Judging:  
    1. Will be divided into 3 categories: Chicken, Pork, and People’s Choice
    2. All measures will be taken to ensure that judges will not know whose entry is being judged.
    3. Judging fairness is our utmost concern.  Containers will be provided for judging purposes only.   
    4. Judging times are as follows:

Chicken                       2:00 p.m.         5 small cups per team. NO GARNISHES.

Pork                            3:00 p.m.         5 slices per team. NO GARNISHES.

People’s Choice          4:00 pm          

  • Trophies and Awards:   
    • Trophies will be awarded to the Top 3 Places in each category after final judging.
  1. Executive Decisions:   
    1. “Q for a Cause” Committee reserve the right to make additional rules, regulations, and amendments as situations warrant. Decisions by the “Q for a Cause” Committee are final.
  2. HAVE FUN!!!:   
    1. Your participation helps supports Your Community!!